The Anonymous Actor #06


a Completely synchroninzed Vocal and dance warm-up

The Anonymous Actor #06

This week I had to make a heartbreaking decision and possibly a risky one. I chose to terminate a contract I had signed a few months ago to do a show back in my hometown in the hopes of being part of a large-scale show here in NYC. Maybe it will work out and maybe it will not but I actually feel relieved that I gave myself the opportunity for growth in my career in a way that is only possible in New York City. I only wish I had made that decision earlier. A friend once told me that four years ago (right after she graduated imagescollege) she made a promise to herself that in four years she would not be working as a waitress anymore but as a fulltime dancer. That she would risk the financial security of her current job for the chance to be doing what she loves all the time and perhaps gaining financial security as a dancer. Well, four years have passed and she is still working at that same job, still a waitress, and still making her passion projects fit around her work schedule. Maybe for you, financial security is more important at the moment than dreams jobs. I certainly understand that in order to live in NYC and audition you have to earn enough money to support an artistic lifestyle. It is not easy! However, it is also not easy to take a risk that puts a financially supported lifestyle in jeopardy for a show you may not get or that does not pay well but could lead to another booking or other artistic opportunities. Is it a risk worth taking? I will leave that decision to you.

The Anonymous Actor #05


A Completely Synchronized Vocal And Dance Warm-Up

The Anonymous Actor #05

Another joyous week in NYC! I booked another show which means 6 months of work! After coming out of a period of unemployment when I first moved to NYC, I cannot say how grateful I am to get to do what I love in shows that I love! I also got to be a reader for the first time this week. If you ever have a chance to be a reader – do it! The information you learn from watching auditions and hearing responses from the casting team and directors is invaluable! In other news, my belting technique has gotten stronger – mainly because of warming up in some capacity on a daily basis. I know it is hard to find a time and place to warm-up – trust me, I have three roommates – but you will see your technique and skill grow if you create and maintain a vocal regimen on a daily basis. Our voices are like plants – they need water and sunlight and attention. If you are looking to spice up your warm-up, then check out The Broadway Warm-Up!

BaI6-N6npB_4bLfzXTEwfEpbW_OSVaOGmOLfYh6QhsYWell, friends, I will have to take a break from the blog in a few weeks to work on shows but I will keep you updated with news and advice when I can. Until then, live, love, and lead.


The Anonymous Actor #04

BWALPHAA Completely Synchronized Vocal and Dance Warm-Up

The Anonymous Actor #04

rollercoaster-603x401Life is a tumultuous roller-coaster ride full of surprises. And New York City is just as unpredictable – a city where change occurs just as quickly as metro card fares increase. I went to an audition and received amazing feedback but because the company had a star director in the production and were using a great chunk of the talent budget on the director and leads, they were only considering non-union actresses for the role I would have been considered for. Just when I thought the chances of booking a winter show were slim to none (and slim is on vacation in the Hamptons) I booked a Holiday show!

A friend reminded me that just as much time as we spend sulking and depressed about the “negative” things that occur in our careers and lives: bad auditions, being ill, going the wrong direction on the subway, your favorite café running out of donuts, knowing you can never afford to see Hamilton – you have to spend just as much time celebrating the joys: a great audition, being alive, doing what you love, and most importantly watching the Mets win the world series! (It’s definitely going to happen this season!) victorySo, my advice for next week is to take life one day at a time, or even one moment at a time, and similar to the stretching portion of the Broadway Warm-Up, take some time to check in with yourself and tell yourself at least three positive things about yourself or your life, set and remind yourself of goals, even if it’s just getting to the next day. You never know, you might surprise yourself.