The Anonymous Actor #06


a Completely synchroninzed Vocal and dance warm-up

The Anonymous Actor #06

This week I had to make a heartbreaking decision and possibly a risky one. I chose to terminate a contract I had signed a few months ago to do a show back in my hometown in the hopes of being part of a large-scale show here in NYC. Maybe it will work out and maybe it will not but I actually feel relieved that I gave myself the opportunity for growth in my career in a way that is only possible in New York City. I only wish I had made that decision earlier. A friend once told me that four years ago (right after she graduated imagescollege) she made a promise to herself that in four years she would not be working as a waitress anymore but as a fulltime dancer. That she would risk the financial security of her current job for the chance to be doing what she loves all the time and perhaps gaining financial security as a dancer. Well, four years have passed and she is still working at that same job, still a waitress, and still making her passion projects fit around her work schedule. Maybe for you, financial security is more important at the moment than dreams jobs. I certainly understand that in order to live in NYC and audition you have to earn enough money to support an artistic lifestyle. It is not easy! However, it is also not easy to take a risk that puts a financially supported lifestyle in jeopardy for a show you may not get or that does not pay well but could lead to another booking or other artistic opportunities. Is it a risk worth taking? I will leave that decision to you.