Celebrating Small Wins


Lately I’ve been so focused on getting ahead and chasing my goals that I haven’t been taking time to reflect on where I am and where I’ve already come. Basically, I ignore achievements. The same focus that helps me get over adversity also makes me overlook my accomplishments. Long-term goals often seem so distant it can be demotivating. They appear elusive and I sometimes feel that what I’m doing today will have no real impact on where I want to be in the long-term. I must remember that the journey is the destination! I’m already on my way. By brushing off my small wins I am missing out on opportunities for empowering thoughts and confidence compounding to create a mindset where achievement begets more achievement. Long term goals are tough: you have to put in the work daily, but you get used to seeing results only once in a while, if you’re lucky. It can feel like no progress is being made. Small wins, though, help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Celebrating each step is important to reduce frustration, increase happiness and continue being motivated.

Instead of delaying gratification until an uncertain, intangible goalpost is attained (one that will likely move again once you’ve passed it), celebrating the small wins allows me to enjoy more of the small moments along the way.

“You don’t have to wait until the end. If you’re not going to be good at celebrating the small things, you’re actually not going to be very good at celebrating the big things either.” – Tim Ferriss

Don’t worry, if you don’t celebrate your small wins, you’re not alone. I’ve been failing to do so of late, which is mostly why I’m writing this blog post, to make sure I practice what I preach. Here are some ways I’m planning to celebrate my small wins.


I first learned about The Jar of Awesome in an episode of Tim Ferriss’ podcast. This is essentially a mason jar that you can fill with your special or proud moments. You create the rules. This will serve two purposes: make you stop for a moment, appreciate the present and write it down on a piece of paper, meanwhile creating a bunch of happy memories you can pick from whenever you feel down or demotivated. When something really cool happens, you’re not going to remember it and have that perspective and gratitude months down the road. The accomplishment will seem trivial or maybe even a fluke by that time. So, every night, write down something awesome that happened that day! You’ll soon see an abundance of victories.

Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

Many of the high-achieving people I’ve seen/heard interviewed speak to their journal practice, often focusing on daily gratitude. It’s one thing to practice gratitude in our lives, but it’s important to write these things down: this activates different parts of the brain, and helps you elaborate upon and better remember the positive things that happened that day, thus cultivating a mindset of positivity and abundance.

Accountability Partner

The few times I’ve tried this, I’ve been amazed at the results. I need to start it back up again. Back at school, I became accountability partners with a friend of mine and we’d send each other weekly and monthly reviews on our progress towards our bigger goals. It was surprisingly effective and made the process that much more fun. It’s like going to the gym with a workout buddy, but for all of your life goals. Whenever I overlooked a small win, I’d get a text/reminder to take time to appreciate and celebrate. This helps keep both parties on track toward achieving their dreams.

OK, you’re up: when was the last time YOU celebrated a success and what did you do? Let me know, and keep on celebrating! You’ll feel great and you’ll stay motivated in the pursuit of more.

Be Warm, JohnnyBWALPHA