I remember stumbling upon Jack Plotnick’s New Thoughts For Actors the summer after my freshman year of college. Overwhelmed and stressed, filled with self doubt and burnout, Mr. Plotnick’s comprehensive look at the professional pursuit of acting came at an important time. His lessons are inspiring, empowering and motivational. So much of the fear and judgment I was experiencing dissolved as I read and resonated with his words. Now that I’m in New York where so little is promised and so much uncertain, the same doubts and gremlins resurface. I turn to New Thoughts For Actors in times of dismay and I am instantly grounded and refocused by its simple, straightforward lessons.

I’ve developed a practice of repeating Mr. Plotnick’s ACTOR AFFIRMATIONS before auditions and performances. They’ve helped quiet the “vultures,” as he calls them, the ego voices in my head that only lead to self sabotage. They’ve helped empower me to put my best foot forward and focus on the present moment. I thought I’d share them with you, and I hope you consider adding them to your toolbox.


· I release and destroy my need to get this job.

· I am going to take it from where I am. However I’m feeling and however prepared I am is a fine place to begin this scene.

· I release and destroy my need to control this scene. I know that I am not strong enough to control it, and therefore ask my higher power to lovingly guide me through it.

· I am going to approach this scene as if it’s the ninth take (like an improv).

· I release and destroy my need to be an “Actor”. Let the other people here be the “Actors” and have all the responsibilities that come with it. I am just here to be myself and enjoy playing in the circumstances.

· (For Comedy) I release and destroy my need to be funny. I am just here to tickle myself with my own genuine human behavior.

· (For Drama) I release and destroy my need to make choices, but more importantly I will allow choices to happen to me.

· I release and destroy my need to impress them.

The PDF, brilliant and quite helpful in its entirety, can be found here.

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