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Tony Time

Leonardo-Di-Caprio-chose-Oscars-extremelyGrowing up, I loved awards shows. I would watch The Golden Globes, The Emmy’s, The Grammy’s, and The Oscar’s until every grateful tear had been shed. But let’s be honest, I only watched for the gowns, shoes, and hair… And a glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio.

042914-tony-award-nominees-594It wasn’t until I saw my first televised Tony Awards in 1997 (I know… How had I missed it until then!?!) that I found my personal Mecca: theatre, production numbers AND black tie formal wear!?! That’s right, friends… It’s Tony season!!!! The nominations are out. Some disappointing snubs (cough…Bridges…cough…Steven Pasquale…) but some exciting thrills for the “underdog” as well (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder was pure JOY). I cannot even imagine what being nominated must feel like regardless of actually winning.  I just hope each show does well enough so that everything continues to shine bright and sell tickets. I’m sure the nominees are getting all sorts of excited about who they’re going to wear on June 8th as well as what kind of ‘do will fit under their show wig for performance time! Speaking of wigs… This New York Times article showing off some of the intricacies of the latest wigs on Broadway was outstanding! Give it a read if you haven’t yet:

Question: Why is there no Tony award for best Hair (wig) and Makeup design? It makes no sense to me especially after reading that article. I understand that occasionally someone might win a “special” Tony award for it, but I think it would be a lovely, annual addition. I also feel quite strongly that there should be a Tony Award for Musical Direction. There are some wonderfully talented, baton wielding people who deserve the accolades. (steps off the soapbox)

UnknownWe all need to remember that the Tony Award broadcast is a win for our industry. We shouldn’t dwell on who takes home the award or doesn’t. It’s an opportunity for all of America (and abroad thanks to the internet!) to get a glimpse into what we are so passionate about. Art and Entertainment. Be sure to tune in to Roma Torre, Frank DiLella, and your favorite Broadway actors on the NY1 red carpet to see what everyone is wearing! And if you find yourself in a last minute bind, be sure to check out Rent the Runway https:// for all of your dress and accessory needs! (sorry gentlemen…)

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