The Anonymous Actor #03

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The Anonymous Actor #03

The Anonymous Actor

UnknownNew York I love you but you’re bringing me down. I seemed to be singing that tune to myself a lot this week. What is about this city that can bring a performer down to his or her knees, begging for good news, and hoping that all the hard work: the countless auditions, learning new songs and monologues in less than a week for specific seasons or shows that you desire more than a cup of hot chocolate and a heated blanket on a chilly day? Sometimes the muck of the city catches me in its web and I feel like I won’t see the light of day for a while. Sometimes New York City can be downright depressing. I did not get an apartment that I was hoping for and now I am stuck in the muck of an apartment with three terrible roommates and living an hour away from Manhattan. I did not get a Christmas show that I was called back for that would have put the savings back in savings account. I was stuck in the muckUnknown-1 of doubt about my singing abilities for the upcoming audition for Waitress, that I told you about last week – therefore I did not take the risk. I think I have discovered that sometimes I have to sit in the muck for a while in order to rise again cleansed, renewed and ready for the next set of challenges. I will never give up. But sometimes the road to happiness in the career I love is paved with more losses than wins, more risks than success, more downs than ups. New York I love you but you’re bringing me down.


What to Wear To An Audition: The Rules

BWALPHA copyLadies in Gentlemen, it is with absolute joy that we introduce our next guest blogger… Gretchen Bieber! Gretchen is one of those multitalented folk who we just marvel at. You’ve seen her performing on Broadway, she’s one of the top hair and make Hair and Makeup Stylists we know and she just so happens to be a Broadway Warm-Up Cast Member.

You can discover more about Gretchen by clicking HERE, but first check out this installation of her blog for The Broadway Warm-Up titled From The Outside Looking In.  Keep an eye out for this monthly segment for fantastic Hair, Makeup and Style tips geared specifically for actors!

From The Outside Looking In: What To Wear To An Audition


Hey! I’m Gretchen. Your friendly Actor/Makeup & Hair Stylist/Broadway Warm-Up Cast Member. As a stylist, having a “good eye” is critical. It’s not really something that can be taught. But it is something that can grow and change and morph into what’s current. As actors, it is our responsibility to also be current and know our product, know our brand. It’s our job to take a critical look at who we are and how we present ourselves in life and in the audition room.

Gretchen bw headshotWhen I first moved to NYC ten years (or so) ago, auditions were different. There were unwritten “rules”. We had black and white headshots, wore dresses with stockings year round (unless auditioning for Rent), and wore our 3 inch Capezio/LaDuca’s when we weren’t even dancing at a Singer Call! I had 3 audition dresses and 3 dance outfits in sensible jewel tones on rotation. Men wore a button down shirt, slacks, and dress shoes. Was it convenient? Absolutely. Was it appropriate? Not so much.


BTW- we do love our La Duca’s!

The new rule is that there is no rule. We just need to find what is flattering to our type and “dress in the world of the play” (as Jen Waldman says). Anything goes as long as it is carefully thought out and on purpose. Do your research! The information is available at our fingertips with the click of a few buttons.



Musical Theatre and Broadway have changed. What’s required of the actor has changed. And if we have to be able to belt a high “G” in spanish while dancing on roller skates playing the cello- all while looking fetching in our underwear…Rules are obviously out the window.


Gretchen Bieber is a monthly contributor for:

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