The Anonymous Actor #05


A Completely Synchronized Vocal And Dance Warm-Up

The Anonymous Actor #05

Another joyous week in NYC! I booked another show which means 6 months of work! After coming out of a period of unemployment when I first moved to NYC, I cannot say how grateful I am to get to do what I love in shows that I love! I also got to be a reader for the first time this week. If you ever have a chance to be a reader – do it! The information you learn from watching auditions and hearing responses from the casting team and directors is invaluable! In other news, my belting technique has gotten stronger – mainly because of warming up in some capacity on a daily basis. I know it is hard to find a time and place to warm-up – trust me, I have three roommates – but you will see your technique and skill grow if you create and maintain a vocal regimen on a daily basis. Our voices are like plants – they need water and sunlight and attention. If you are looking to spice up your warm-up, then check out The Broadway Warm-Up!

BaI6-N6npB_4bLfzXTEwfEpbW_OSVaOGmOLfYh6QhsYWell, friends, I will have to take a break from the blog in a few weeks to work on shows but I will keep you updated with news and advice when I can. Until then, live, love, and lead.