January 30-Day Challenge

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Start the new year the right way with The BW 30/30/30 Challenge for the month of January.

“As an active musical theatre and artist and educator, I signed up for the BWU thirty day challenge thinking that it couldn’t hurt to commit to something that gets me singing and moving every day. About 4 days in, I noticed that my attention to my body, diet, and mental health improved. I amped up my other activity and made a conscious effort to eat healthier. It made such a tremendous impact on my mental health that I am going to do it again. The care that went into crafting a warm up that invites you to maintain your body and mind as a performer is evident in every second of The Broadway Warm Up.”
– Megan McQueen, participant in the September challenge.


The Broadway Warm-Up 30 Day Challenge!
(BW 30/30/30 )
The Broadway Warm-Up 30 Day Challenge was such a hit in September we’re bringing it back on 11/1/2016!  A great way to stay motivated, be part of a community of like minded professionals and bring your “A” game to this audition season!

30 minutes for 30 days for $30! Taking the 30/30/30 Challenge means you will commit to making The Broadway Warm-Up a part of your ritual for 30 days in a row. You’ll be part of an exclusive online community and receive additional training/tips and encouragement from Broadway Warm-Up team members along with your fellow participants. Challenge yourself and see what a difference 30 minutes a day can make in your auditions, performances, strength, flexibility, health and confidence overall!


  • 30 day access to The Broadway Warm-Up Complete Version – Including Step-by-Step Note By Note Tutorial, 30 minute run throughs for both Men and Women with and without a guiding track. 
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to The Broadway Warm-Up’s PRIVATE Facebook Community to share extra pointers, inspiration, tools and Direct Feedback from BW creators and certified instructors.
  • 4 FREE ADDITIONAL training videos including:  Breathing 101, Dance Terminology, Positions and Alignment, Intro To Meditation, Fitness and Nutrition Basics
  • Weekly LIVE On-Line Classes through ZOOM where you will interact and work with fellow challenge participants. If you are unable to attend the class at it’s scheduled time you will also have access to video archives to replay anytime.
When you post to The Broadway Warm-Up’s Private Facebook page every day of the challenge, you will automatically get LIFETIME ACCESS to The Broadway Warm-Up Digital Download for FREE!
To participate in the BW 30/30/30 you must register no later than 1/1/2017.  The 30 day challenge will run from 1/1/2017-1/31/2017.
Time is running out to get in on the January challenge. We already have a solid community of high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead, and we would love to add a few more in these final days. Spread the word and don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach your highest potential.

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