Meditation & Creativity with Mark Price

mark price

YO YO YO! I am so pumped to bring to you my first The Broadway WarmUp interview with the inimitable Mark Price. Mark is a creative genius and I look up to him so much. Both Ithaca grads, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark back when he was a mentor for the Hangar Theatre Lab Company in 2014. Mark’s energy, zest and passion is contagious. He is an incredibly talented performer and teacher. So generous and detailed with his insights, he’s the perfect person to start our interview series.

In this conversation, we focus on Mark’s meditation practice. I have personally struggled significantly with anxiety and stress, so I learned a lot from Mark’s words on his meditation practice, and I’m itching to take his course when it comes to New York this fall.

“The whole goal is not to be an expert meditator, the whole goal is to be better at life. To be a better partner, better creator, better husband, better wife, better friend, better brother, you know, whatever. So, the whole name of the game is up-leveling performance on all accounts.” -MP

We had such a blast talking that we exceeded our intended duration, so I’ve decided to break this interview into two parts. Part I is below…come back for Part II soon.

In PART 1, we discuss:

  • Vedic meditation
  • Left brain/Right brain functions
  • Finding spontaneity in work and life
  • ‘Fight or Flight’ response
  • The fourth state of consciousness
  • Plus much more…


In Part II, we’ll dive deeper into Mark’s views on creativity. We discuss:

  • the importance of resiliency in actors
  •  How to ask better questions
  •  Self-Promotion
  • The advice Mark would give his 20-year old self



  • — Alchemy Collective is a meditation and performance lab, designed for creatives and high performance individuals who are looking to uplevel their performance, dissolve stress, and increase fulfillment and bliss states.(Website live end of July).
  • (Actor, Teaching website)
Mark will be teaching a meditation course in NY this fall. If anyone wants to be notified, email for more info at

Be Warm,


Meet Broadway Warm-Up Cast Member Marc Santa Maria

Marc Santa MariaMarc Santa Maria hails from San Diego, CA and has lived in NYC for over 10 years. He recently completed a successful run of the play REFRAIN. The part was written especially for Marc and his co-lead after a year of improv and research with the playwright. Other credits include diverse projects ranging from musicals like The Karaoke Show (dir. Diane Paulus) to classics such as Three Sisters (dir. Gerald Glackin). He has acted in productions featured at the FringeNYC and Midtown International Festivals, HERE and Looking Glass.  Film work includes “Look Away” (dir. Araby Patch) and “Tremendous” (dir. Ryan Kipp). Marc is a member of Partial Comfort Productions and Leviathan Lab. He is also runs the NY Group Fitness Department of Crunch Gyms. Fun Facts about Marc: He has traveled to 49 countries and in 2011, he cooked a new receipe every week from the bazillion cookbooks that were given to him as gifts but never had the time use.

Hometown? San Diego, CA

When did you first get the “bug” to start performing?  5, then 20, then 25 and then I finally accepted that darn bug for life.

Where did you go to school? St. Olaf College, then NYU School of Law

Special Skills or Unusual Talents… Hip Hop and Mythology Expert!

Dream Role or Job: Regularly Featured Surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy with a cool story arc and hot sex scenes, Roger from “Rent” of Marvin in “Falsettos” but adapted to an Asian family instead of Jewish family :). The new math teacher (and father of Tina) on “Glee” who was jealous of Will Schuster all through their years in high school together!

To learn more about Marc go to: